Revisiting The Ford Edge ST

The 2020 Ford Edge ST is firmly cemented its place in the automotive industry and for good reasons. This sport-based SUV comes from the amazing Ford Performance Team, and it certainly delivers when put to the test.

The 2020 Ford Edge ST can take your driving to a new level even though it's an SUV. The vehicle sits balanced on 21-inch wheels, and its body is quite aerodynamic. From any conceivable view, this mid-size SUV is aesthetically pleasing. The 2020 Ford Edge also possesses class to a certain degree. Consumers will adore the interior with its perforated leather and crisp accents. You'll get as much as 58.7 cubic-feet of cargo space, and the rear seats can be adjusted to meet your cargo needs. The Ford Edge ST simply has it all.

For more in-depth details about this amazing machine, then swing by our dealership today. Test drives are also available.


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