A Wi-Fi hotspot in a car is commonly used by passengers when they want to access the web on the go. The Ford EcoSport has a service that uses a 4G LTE hotspot in a strategic way, and many of its features let users interact with key systems remotely.

FordPass Connect is the company's mobile service; it runs on the 4G network. When you're not in the EcoSport's cabin, you can determine when you need to visit a gas station by accessing the fuel level option on FordPass. If you need to lock the doors, you could activate the locking mechanisms by tapping buttons on the FordPass app. One of the most convenient FordPass features gives you the ability to request assistance on the side of the road during a breakdown.

You can learn more about Ford's 4G LTE hotspot and FordPass Connect at Mills Ford of Willmar. If you want to test some of the safety technologies, we can arrange a short cruise in an EcoSport.



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