Ford Mustang is an iconic sports car that gains new fans each year. Luckily, the iconic Mustang never rests on its laurels. It continues to evolve its silhouette, interior layout and technology features. The sheer number and diversity of tech features is stupendous, so we here at Mills Ford of Willmar narrowed our choices down to two in the interest of space and time.

Ford and Waze

If you're a fan of Waze, you'll be glad to know Waze can now serve as your preferred or supplemental navigation source via Ford Sync3 AppLink. Sync3, Ford's infotainment platform, utilizes AppLink to integrate select mobile apps into the voice-controlled universe of Sync3. Now, you can capitalize on Waze's superior crowd-sourced navigation using voice commands within Sync3.


Amazon Alexa is now your constant on-the-road companion when you're traveling through your neighborhood or embarking on a road trip . Thanks again to Sync3 AppLink, you can access all of Alexa's functions from inside your Ford Mustang, including Prime shopping, voice navigation and traffic info. You may even control your supported smart home devices.

Try out Waze and Alexa inside the Ford Mustang today. Drop by our dealership and have a quick test drive.



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