The Ford Mustang muscle car pays homage to its early roots and redefines the modern automotive marketplace. Stop at Mills Ford of Willmar to get a better look at the Fastback, Shelby, and other trims of this fast model that has four seats.

Consisting of six pistons, brakes by BREMBO are installed on the Mustang. Covered in a bright red paint, the calipers are engineered to deliver on-the-spot stopping. Made of iron, the 15.5-inch iron discs have cross-drilled holes for optimum ventilation and thermal management under demanding conditions. This Ford muscle car also wears aluminum brake hats that provide extra leverage for last-second stopping on the road.

When the Mustang gets on the track, the Launch Control is ready to provide a stunning boost. This class-exclusive technology syncs the 5.2 L supercharged engine block with the TREMEC transmission system, which has double clutches. Additionally, the Electronic Line-Lock warms up the gearbox, powertrain and brakes for an explosive ride on a closed track.


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