Does Tire Pressure Really Matter?

Tire pressure matters a lot more than you might think. Tires with too little or too much pressure can cause a lot of problems for you on the road. If your tires are properly inflated, you'll have increased fuel efficiency, and your ride will be more comfortable. But, if your tires aren't inflated properly, your mileage may be reduced, and, if your pressure is low enough, your wheels and tires could be damaged, or you could suffer a blowout.

It's important to check your tire pressure regularly, as well as whenever your vehicle is being serviced. Properly inflating your tires will help to improve their lifespan as well as preventing accidents caused by too much pressure or under-inflation. When filling your tires, it's important to know the recommended pressure for your vehicle. This information can generally be found in the owner's manual. Sometimes, this pressure may not be the same as the recommended maximum pressure as shown on the sidewalls of your tires. In this case, you should follow the recommended pressure of your vehicle, not the tires.

If you'd like to have your pressure checked, need service done, or just want to get your tires refilled, then stop by Mills Ford of Willmar!



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